ABOUT YOUTH (默默喜歡上了學生會長)







When an elite high school student with a spotlight and self-centrism meets the guitar prince with a weak sense of existence but transforms on the stage, they have different backgrounds and values. They stir each other in the election battle for the throne of the student president. There was a massive sound at the end. Ye Guang is the most promising elite and popular campus idol in the current election of the student union president; Xu Qizhang, the aggressive campus love song prince and the son of Xu’s small noodle stall. During the campaign, Ye Guang coveted the president’s throne while attracted by Xu Qizhang’s personality traits. When he walked out of school and fell into Xu Qizhang’s rock world, Ye Guang discovered that there might be something more important than being a student president. The election is becoming more and more frenzied, but the teenagers only want to bill each other? A new and fearless emotion is the youth movement that they spend secretly but carefully preserved.

Director : Mi Chieh Tsai (HIStory 2 Crossing The Line and HIStory 3 Make Our Days Count)
Starring Chen Jyun, Andy Huang, Li Zhen Hao, & Xu Shou Ting.
Based on the novel 默默 (Secretly) by Huang Simi.