Fluke Pongsapat Kankham

Name : Fluke Pongsapat Kankham

Native name : พงศภัทร์ กันคำ

D.O.B : September 01, 1996

Zodiac : Virgo

Height : 185 cm

Weight : 60 kg

Education : Faculty of Communication Arts (Performing Arts), Sripatum University

Skills : Taekwondo (black belt), Swimming, Boxing, Mixed Martial Art

Favorite food : strawberries

Dislike food : bean sprouts, onions and dessert that has a sour taste like cheese tart, because for him the dessert must be sweet only

Favorite cartoon : Dragon Ball

When Fluke was a child he was very small, then his mother regularly gives him milk and eggs, Fluke also likes to do exercise, that’s made him stretched and reach his current height 185cm.
When Fluke was a child, he wanted to be a doctor and an architecture.
Fluke entering the entertainment industry because of his mother.
Fluke used to be shy person until becoming an actor.
Fluke loves to draw Manga (Japanese cartoon themes).
Fluke said that his charm it should be on his dimples.
Fluke also likes to dance, especially hip hop dance.
Instagram @fluke_pongsapat

Twitter @fluke_pongsapat

Series :

2018 – My Dream The Series

Movie :

2017 – Black Full Moon