"Bon Appétit" is a heartfelt production brought to you by the creators of "The Director Who Buys Me Dinner" and "Love Tractor." Yoonsoo is a dedicated office worker who immerses himself in his job, shuttling between home and the office day in and day out. His life seems monotonous, filled with loneliness and sadness. However, one day, his life is completely turned upside down by his neighbor, Doohoon. Doohoon is Yoonsoo's junior from college, a young man who suddenly dropped out of school. One day, Doohoon appears in front of Yoonsoo, holding a bowl of sweet rice soup as a housewarming gift. Yoonsoo accepts this dessert, and suddenly, his world brightens as the sweetness warms his weary soul. Doohoon confesses that he once lacked the courage to confess his feelings to Yoonsoo and chose to avoid him. However, over the years, Doohoon has put this past behind him, while Yoonsoo begins to unconsciously care about Doohoon from that moment on. From that day forward, Yoonsoo and Doohoon's lives undergo a transformation. After work, they spontaneously become a perfect pair for sharing meals, and every meal becomes precious quality time for them. Yoonsoo even realizes that his feelings for Doohoon are growing warmer and deeper with each passing day.



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