The drama follows Ho Tae and Dong Hee, who have grown up like brothers since childhood, Ho Tae moved to the city of Seoul a few years ago, returned to Gangneung again after his father’s funeral, and was kicked out after coming out. Meanwhile, Dong Hee is living in an empty house. The two reunited after a long time and decided to stay together under the same roof. Dong Hee sees Ho Tae not as much as his brother but as his first love, whom he is excited to see again, and never dares to express his feelings towards him. Ho Tae feels the same towards Dong Hee, and confusion takes place and a relationship leads to Dong Hee’s feeling hurt. However, their “close” relationship, stirred by an unexpected incident, leads to a turning point and gradually changes into…

Unintentional Love Story’s spin-off ‘The Time of Fever’ is planned to be released in May.


Name : The time of fever

Country : Korea

As known as : 내 손끝에 너의 온도가 닿을 때 , When I Feel Your Warmth , When Your Temperature Touches My Fingertips , When Your Temperature Reaches the Tips of My Fingers , Hereafter at My Fingertips , Biuidojeok Yeonaedam Seupinopeu , No Sonkkeute Neoui Ondoga Daheul Ttae

Cast : Won Tae Min , Do Woo

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