Taiwan | Charles Tu (#HIStory4) and Michael Tsang (#MyToothYourLove) alongside Tim Liu will star in #FirstNoteOfLove #彈一場完美戀愛.

Neil, a singer-songwriter returning from overseas, is a talented and beautiful singer, but has terrible stage fright. The only way he can perform is on the street and with his head down.

One day, a pair of canvas shoes appear in his field of view, and tap along to the beat of the music with a smile on his face. This person is Xiao Hai, who is deeply attracted to the emotional richness of Neil’s songs.

With Xiao Hai’s encouragement and warm companionship, Neil gradually finds the courage to grow up, and Xiao Hai’s support gradually becomes a stabilizing force for Neil to overcome his fears. However, one day, an uninvited Thai musician named Orca suddenly joins Neil’s performance, and the magical and musical understanding between the two performances offends Xiao Hai, leading to a quiet storm of a love triangle slowly unfolding.

The drama is planned to be released in 2024.

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