Yoon Chan Young (School of the Walking Dead, Ghost Taxi, ...) is introduced to play the lead role in TVING's new webdrama BL. - <I, a Gangster, Become A Highschooler> Original content: Kim Deuk Pal is a gangster, wakes up after an accident to find himself, but has swapped bodies with a male high school student - Song Yi Heon, whom he I saved when the enemy was trying to commit suicide.

After that, the gangster went to the boys' school and gradually discovered that the boy with whom he swapped his soul was a victim of the BL. Deuk Pal therefore decided to take revenge on Yi Heon's behalf. However...he encounters a major difficulty - Yi Heon's crush, Choi Se Kyung seems to realize that Deuk Pal in Yi Heon's body is fake!