The drama stars Chris Chiu (Mao Di) and Kurt Huang (Xuan), who plays Lai Dai Yi in ‘VIP Only’ and is helmed by 'We Best Love: No. 1 For You and Fighting Mr. 2nd' and ‘My Tooth, Your Love’ director Jiang Rui Zhi.
Young Wei Qian, orphaned at thirteen or fourteen, struggles through life with his half-sister. He picks up a stray child who shamelessly latches onto him and gives him a name: Xiaoyuan.
Wei Qian dreams of rising above the crop. He is someone who values money over his own life. In the earlier part of his life, he battles against many obstacles, with his number one mission being to make a name for himself. Finally, when he achieves some success and thinks that he’s seeing the light of daybreak in life, Xiaoyuan suddenly goes crazy—he only likes men and only stares at him, adding the glorious strokes of “being subjected to treachery” and “being subjected to insubordination” to his goddamn life.

Name : Unknown series

Country : Taiwan

As known as : About the Unknown Us, Guan Yu Wei Zhi De Wo Men, Kuan Yv Wei Chih Te Wo Men, 关于未知的我们, 關於未知的我們

Cast : Chris Chiu, Danny Liang, Kim Jae Hoon, Kurt Huang, Tammy Lin, Yankee Yang

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