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They are the highest and fastest paying ad network on the market specialized in popunders. You can set your minimum bid, you can choose to serve popunders with autoplaying sound and video ads or you can choose to serve additional popups/popunders. You can also set your popunder frequency to best suit your website's interests. All of these settings, if tweaked nicely, will result in higher earnings for your.

It is also worth to mention that they have a "you earned whatever you see", which means no chargebacks!

Rates and Coverage

They offer industry highest rates and the best international coverage. Average revenue for 1000 US unique visitors on a website publishing our code was never below $4.00 USD! Except that, we have advertisers for over 40 countries including North America, Southern Asia, India, Western Europe and Australia.


They hate all those NET30, NET60 payment terms and we are sure you are not a fan of those as well. You can request withdrawal of your PopAds revenue anytime you want. Usually, you will see money in your PayPal or AlertPay account within 24 hours. Your earnings are deposited in a kind of wallet, so you can even use them to buy popunder traffic to your own websites.


It is you who choose the rate! You can choose the minimal bid(price of a single popunder) you accept, you can also limit the number of popunders shown to a single visitor during a day. Furthermore you can refuse to accept popunders with sound or with other annoying elements


As a beginner earning money from ads network is good even I have listed Best CPM ads network for Indian Small Publishers. But, I suggest each of you learn about affiliate marketing, Because which is the best way to earn money online.

See, there are two best ways to earn money online from blogging one of them is creating digital products and another one is affiliate marketing, if you will create digital products, it required lot of investment, experience as well as effort to create product and you have to sale it as well as there are many other things support team, server and there are lot more things needed to do.

So, it is much easier to do affiliate marketing even you can make up to 80% commission and for this you need to just promote it on your blog.

Simple tips to become pro affiliate marketer-

If you want to become pro affiliate marketer, then you need to choose a niche to write blog and there promote products as solution of people problem on your blog, it is the simplest way to earn money online.

Quick Short Answers and Questions About

There are hundred of publishers ask me about this, well today I am going to share with you answers of all questions asked me about ads network-

Are you ready, I am sure you are-

1. What is the minimum payout of Popads? It varies from gate way you used, for Paypal it is $5.

2. What is the CPM Rate of Popads? It is varies from $.5 to $.4, this is according to my own experience.

3. Is Legit or Scam? It is a 100% legit network, I have been using this ad network since 2012.

4. Time take to Get Payment from it is less than 2 hours after withdraw request, which is the best in the market.

5. Is there how many payment gateway ?

6. How is Popads rate?