The Boyfriend 03A


9 boys live together in a house by the sea
A special time filled with love and friendship
An unforgettable summer is about to begin
The reality love show “Boyfriend” will be broadcast exclusively globally by Netflix every Tuesday starting from July 9, 2024. The show consists of 10 episodes and will be broadcast on the 4th Tuesday of July.
The story of 9 boys begins with Green Room – A beach house and a mint green coffee truck. They come to find love, find soulmates, to change themselves… They come to the show with their own secret desires.
This is Japan’s first reality show exclusively for men
The rules of the program are just:
– Live together for a month
– Let’s run a coffee cart business together
Even though this is a reality show about love, the goal is not just to find love but also to build a lasting friendship and spend a precious month together.

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