[ENG] The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window (さんかく窓の外側は夜)

Libre Publishing announced on Monday that Tomoko Yamashita’s The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window (Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru) boys-love manga is inspiring a live-action film that will open this year. The film will star Masaki Okada (live-action Gintama, Space Brothers, Future Diary, left in picture below) as Rihito Hiyakawa, and Jun Shison (live-action anohana, Ressha Sentai Tokkyūger, right) as Kosuke Mikado. Yukihiro Morigaki is directing the film, and Tomoko Aizawa is penning the script.

SuBLime is releasing the manga digitally, and it describes the story:

Shy bookstore clerk Kosuke Mikado has the ability to see ghosts and spirits, an ability he wishes he didn’t have, since what he sees usually terrifies him. Rihito Hiyakawa, an exorcist whose supernatural powers are as strong as his social graces are weak, doesn’t seem to fear anything, mortal or otherwise. When this odd couple gets together to solve the bizarre cases that come their way, their work methods may not be entirely safe for work!

Yamashita launched the manga in Libre Publishing’s Magazine BExBOY in March 2013, and Libre Publishing released the manga’s seventh volume in April 2019. The seven volumes have over one million copies in circulation. SuBLime released the fourth volume digitally in 2017.

  • Yuki Sakurai as Saeko, Hanzawa’s wife
  • Kenichi Takita as Hiroki Hanzawa, a detective trying to solve the case alongside Hiyakawa and Mikado
  • Emi Wakui as Noriko, Mikado’s mother
  • Makita Sports as Matsuo Hiura, Erika’s father
  • Michitaka Tsutsui as Tetsuya Ishiguro, the founder of a mysterious religious group
  • Shinya Niiro as Kazuomi Sakaki, Erika’s bodyguard



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